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  • Reflexology Practictioner Organization of Wisconsin
  • Reflexology Association of America
  • International Council of Reflexologists
  • Forward Janesville
  • International Institute of Reflexology
  • American Reflexology Cartification Board


  • 2008 International Institute of Reflexology Undergraduate
  • 2010 American Reflexology Certification Board Undergraduate


  • Pain Management


Rating: 5

music101 Bede Reflexology

I always look forward to my appointment with Maureen. I come away feeling much more relaxed and happy. Not sure why the hands on works but I can verify that it does and I will continue the treatments for my benefit. Thanks for everything Maureen.

Business reply srmarybede replies...

Thank you!!! Reflexology is one of the best ways to deal with stress and pain naturally, and everyone looks forward to it. Maureen

Rating: 5

Carole Bede Reflexology

Thank you Maureen for the WONDERFUL service that you provide with reflexology. As others have said, Maureen works “magic” with her fingers on my feet and wrists. I was drawn to try reflexology because early this spring the left side of my body was very stiff and it was painful to walk any distance. I blamed it on the sciatic nerve damage that I experienced fourteen years ago. That played into it but the biggest culprit was the day to day stress I was experiencing. To date I have had ten sessions, many of them an hour long. The flexibility that I gain during the session remains with me through the next session. As a person who is a caregiver for my parents, I found a way to relax and continue to function day to day. Maureen is a very compassionate person and I truly feel blessed to have had our life paths crossed. Carole Miller

Business reply srmarybede replies...

Thank you Carole. I also glean much inspiration from you during our time together. Your stength is amazing. Maureen

Rating: 5

sheila Bede Reflexology

I have had the pleasured experience of the miracle hands of Maureen twice now, my third is scheduled. Great way to easy pains and relax. I always feel like a new person after leaving. She has "the touch". Thanks Maureen Sheila Killion, Cakes by Sheila

Business reply srmarybede replies...

Your words are so kind!! Reflexology can help ease pain naturally, and it makes the rest of your body and mind feel great also. Thanks, Maureen

Rating: 5

janetlee Bede Reflexology

Thank you! Bede Reflexology provides "hands on" gain without the pain. I appreciate Mrs. Birchfields' vast knowledge, but what I liked even more, her knowledge is communicated in a "down to earth", easy to understand way and then translated with compassion and ease in her application. Thanks again! Janet Schmid

Business reply srmarybede replies...

Thank you Janet for your kind words. Reflexology truly is a "gain with no pain" healing modality. Warmly, Maureen Birchfield, CR, TDC Bede Reflexology