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Rating: 1

chcollins Wahl's Appliance Inc

I spent quite a bit of money at Wahl's wanting to support a local business.... What a MISTAKE. During delivery of my furniture a mover walked right through my screen door. He claimed full responsibility and promised management would call me that day... They did not. After I put in the effort calling day after day after day with no response, Wahl's finally said that it was MY fault that HE walked through the screen door and they refused to pay for repairs. If you don't want to support crooks, please shop somewhere else.

Rating: 1

MAGPIE Brad's Roofing & Siding

I would not use Brads Roofing and siding. I hired him to install a rubber roof. He did not install the materials stated on the contract. The rubber roof is lifting off and the flashing against the house is falling off. He will not return calls or return to repair the problem. DO NOT USE THIS CONTRACTOR!

Rating: 1

Cynthia Brad's Roofing & Siding

I would NOT recommend hiring this company. We hired him to re-roof our house and replace the gutter. Although the roofing was done promptly, the gutter leaks. We decided to hire him again to replace all of the windows in our house. He gave us a quote and requested 50% as a down payment. We issued him a check which he cashed within10 minutes of leaving our house,. This was in June, 2014. It is now August, 2014 and not only do we not have our new windows, this guy won't even return our phone calls. We are going to be pursuing legal action against him to recoup our losses. Definite "contractor theft" going on here. BEWARE of this company!

Rating: 5

cahoon97 Designz23 Web Design

I give this website two thumbs up for their knowledge of website design. I don't know anything about how to make a website but Kim Murphy has impressed me because he was able to help me through the process of making a website that I approve of. I tried other web designs before and they wanted to do their own thing. Lucky for me I found this designer who let me be the creative control to make the site look the way I wanted it. I also agree that he has the fanciest of fancy web designs.

Thanks so much.

Rating: 1

ohoffm Culligan Water Conditioning

We discontinued service with them. They claimed that part of the water softener we took out of theirs was damaged 4 days after they took it back and demanded full replacement cost of the water softener. It was not damaged when it left our possession. They sued us over the broken part. The sheriff that brought the summons said they had a whole list of other people that Culligan was suing to deliver. I recommend staying as far away from this company as you can. I would have given them negative stars if that was an option.

Rating: 1

nic8711 Badger Veterinary Hospital

They suspiciously want to service your pet out of your view. In other words they actually take your pet to an entirely different room and won't allow you to come. Totally messed up and I would not recommend this place. When I came here with my pet he got worse and eventually died. No question they lied about many things and are responsible. No business calling yourself a pet hospital if someone isn't there 24x7 watching the pets. This place is unethical. Never blindly trust a veterinarian.

Rating: 2

notgreatatnames Dubes Jewelry

Consistently rude and slow. I've had dealings with every single staff member, and I always leave feeling like a burden who ruined their day. I dread going in here.

Rating: 1

Customer1000 Slicks Bar & Grill

I would not recommend this bar. If you are concerned with cleanliness, do not order a mixed drink. The business is NOT customer oriented. The owners are more concerned with being "king and queen". It doesn't bode well that there is a different bartender every time I've been there. I believe this is by design, so the owners can pay them under the table.

Rating: 1

trlewiston Elsberry's Edibles

I recently went to a wedding where this was the caterer. It was the worst food AND service that I think I have ever experienced. The food was tasteless and cold. All of it was COLD. Even the crackers and the rolls were stale. In my opinion the chicken was not done and should not have been served. The staff that was there was very unprofessional. I witnessed one lady literally yelling at several different people for various reasons. I would never recommend this caterer to anyone. And it wasn't even my wedding!!

Rating: 5

Dieseljo R.C. Portable Welding & Fabrication

"A big deal to me... not a big deal for Bob at RC Welding" I was searching for a rack to hang off the back of my travel trailer, when I was introduced to Bob at RC Welding. At first I thought... there is no way a custom built rack would fall within my budget. After looking at several other projects/jobs which Bob had completed, I was very excited to get an estimate from him. So I took my travel trailer out to his shop, where Bob and I had a short discussion about what I was looking for. Bob got the job, had a quick turn around time, exceeded my expectations and came in under budget. I highly recommend Bob and RC Welding for all your fabricating needs.

Rating: 5

jwtran Milwaukee Grill - Full Service Restaurant & Bar in Janesville, Wisconsin

We dined at Milwaukee Grill on a Monday evening and once again had a great experience. The food was delicious and service was excellent. I just wish I had more room for the turtle cheese cake but will have to try it another night. The chef always gets our filet medallions done to perfection. Looking forward to taking my mother in law back out there as this is her favorite place too. Thanks. Tina Wurtz

Rating: 5

megano44 Hollywood Nails

Great place!! Courteous and accommodating! They do very nice work and have loads of options for nails and pedicures!

Rating: 2

kordereau The Auto Hubb

First off, I did not buy a car here, I was upset with the service before it even got that far. I am aware that a lot of dealerships out there mark up prices just to "give you a deal" later, I understand it is part of the business, and The Auto Hubb does appear to do this as well. Even taking that into consideration, the prices appear to be fairly decent for the area, but I can't speak to the quality of the vehicles, because as previously stated, I did not purchase one.

The day I went in they appeared to be a little busy, but they had a couple of trucks outside that I thought I may be interested in. After explaining to a very young looking girl that work there that I wanted my trade appraised before I went any further, she said it would be a minute before someone could help and asked if I would like to fill out some paper work. She then did the writing for me, while I told her my information, (something I am not very comfortable with anyway.) After we were done she asked me to sign at the bottom "indicating that all of the information was correct." She then said the sales person would not be around for awhile and if I left they would give me a call when they were available.

So I left thinking nothing of it, until a few days later when I received an email alert from my bank notifying me that someone had done a hard pull on my credit. I knew right away who to expect. I had not been called by The Auto Hubb, I had not had a chance to discuss with them at all before they did this. When I gave them a call, they didn't even know what vehicle I wanted to trade in, or what vehicle I was even interested in, (but they still had run my credit.) I have a feeling if I had not called they may have never called me back at all. After explaining to the woman on the phone that I did not want the hard pull done until I had at least talked to someone about my intentions, she tried to lie to me and get me to believe that a hard pull will not damage your credit. Although true that it will not damage it a lot, it will lower your score.

So after all of the confusion I am left sitting here wondering why my credit was pulled if they didn't even know which vehicle I wanted, why I was told to "sign here to verify it was all correct," and why I was not allowed to fill out my paperwork by myself.

I have family members who have worked as anything from tellers to assistant vice presidents at financial institutions for nearly 20 years, and I know a shady finance situation when I see one. I will stay away from this dealership until they re-earn my trust, and I advise you to as well. If nothing else I encourage you to not give The Auto Hubb any of your personal information. They do not finance in house, so you will be able to get the exact same loan on your own at the financial institutions that they use. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't have given them more than my name until I received the information that I needed.

Rating: 5

Tiereny_Lynn Time Out Pub & Eatery

Had a great lunch today! Tonya Teeter and I decided we would head down that way and we enjoyed it very much! What an awesome place for great food and great service! Loved the cheese curds!!! YUM!!! <3 Tiereny

Rating: 5

jeffgriffly brain injury attorney los angeles

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Rating: 5

dexterbrox Legal Malpractice California

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Rating: 1

kortlando Evansville Ford

My daughter had $1600 in repairs done in the service department. They did not torque one of the bolts properly and it eventually came loose causing another $400+ in repairs at another shop. They refused to take responsibility and cover the cost of the additional repairs. Use at your own risk.

Rating: 5

lkluge Best Events Catering

BEST Events catering has been helping the YMCA of Northern Rock County with our Tropical Fiesta event, along with many others, for the past 6 years and have done a TREMENDOUS job. The staff is polite, hard working, creative, fun and simply the BEST at what they do! Chris Ramos does an exceptional job managing the staff and all of the event details. I highly recommend them for any event, big or small, and can't wait to work with them in the future! - Leah Kluge, YMCA Marketing Coordinator

Rating: 4

Reduceri Beloit Wildwood Movie Theaters - Luxury 10 Cinemas

Not so bad as you may think from the photo, it is placed in a nice area.

Rating: 5

kellierobinson89 Countryside Inn

The best food around. The staff is fun and friendly.