Rating: 3

February 28, 2012

The slogan "Service and Savings" is a bit of a misnomer. The service part is the misnomer. Yes, they have really good prices that are hard to beat. But, I have found some of the employees to be rude over the years. For example On 2/23/12 in the evening I was there shopping in their bakery area. A female employee came out with a rolling cart with bakery items on it and parked it right in front of the aisle 5 feet away from me as I was walking. I had to turn around and walk around to get out of the aisle as she began stocking the shelf. She could tell I was irritated but didn't acknowledge me or pull the cart to the side of the aisle so others could pass through. There was plenty of room but she parked it right in the middle. Petty, probably. But, if you really are that unfriendly of a person get a job where you don't deal with the public. I am a picky consumer because I work hard for my cash, and I expect to be treated like my money matters anywhere I shop.